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Teach you how to open foreign currency accounts

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Hong Kong companies to open an account in two ways:
1. :( offshore accounts convenient as directors and shareholders in the past Hong Kong)
Can be transferred directly to the mainland company account, then go to write off tax rebate, on it.
Can be transferred to the mainland personal account, then go directly to the bank settlement, but the mainland by the financial regulation, each card can only settlement 50,000 USD per year. As a large amount, you can ask friends and family to open up a few private accounts, to solve the problem a.
2. Hong Kong local account: (such as directors and shareholders to facilitate Hong Kong)
In addition to the above two ways. The company opened an account in HSBC Hong Kong, 20,000 RMB in cash (150 fee) can be taken daily in the Mainland HSBC ATM machine. So basically we can solve this problem.
Mainland on "offshore accounts" of bank:
Mainly domestic banks (transport, investment, Shenzhen Development Bank, Pudong Development, Xiamen International, Guangdong Development Bank, etc.)
There are foreign banks (HSBC, East Asia, the Hang Seng, Germany, DBS, Pangu, the Philippine capital, banks, etc.)
Usually I recommend to open "Shenzhen Development Bank":
Shenzhen Development Bank:
Shenzhen Development Bank to open a company account does not require start-up capital (generally banks require 5W dollars in start-up capital), have online banking, online transfer fee is cheaper, online banking transfer personal accounts are 5-20 dollars / T, is the account transfer is 20- 25 USD / T, simple operation. But there are limits SDB average daily balances, such as the daily average of less than US $ 5000-10000 then account management fee to be paid 10 dollars (different circumstances of each branch). Free online banking fees. Free import fees.
Local start a company account:
I recommend HSBC:
1. HSBC current account was opened in October fee, no matter how much the balance, no monthly management fees, such as the use counter services / month: free 0-6 times, 7-12 times 75 yuan a month, more than 12 times per month plus 75 yuan from the 13th transaction plus an additional HK $ 10 per transaction.
2. HSBC account transfer fee no relief: Internet Banking: receive a payment for each 55 yuan, transfer money to domestic banks each 90 yuan, turn to other overseas countries, each 100 yuan, keep in mind that the transfer costs the bank is sure to press Standard received from not done exemption.
"Easy Money" transfer line operating costs :( now HSBC opened account type)
HKD / USD / EUR transfers to other local banks HKD50
Autopay (per transaction) HK 0.55 yuan
Export wire - outside Hong Kong $ 110
Export telegraphic transfer to mainland China - a member of the HSBC Group HK 80
Surcharge exemptions included in the text wire
Application HK $ 75 bill
Application promissory HK $ 40
HK $ 55 account credit to debit
Account management fee waiver
Account Type:
1. offshore accounts: Our free assistance in providing bank phone number and address, to bring the company information either directly to the bank account.
2. Hong Kong local account:
1) Appointment Bank: Hong Kong account 860.00: Includes bank search fees, the company sent someone to accompany, account manager personally received, VIP channel account. (You can also open a private account)
2) Video witness accounts: service charges 1,200 yuan, can not open an account over Hong Kong in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Hong Kong's local accounts opened at HSBC in Hong Kong in the Mainland.
:( Bank account required documents in original)
1. Registration Certificate
2. Business Registration Certificate
3.NC1 file
The articles of association a
5. corporate signature chapter (elongated)
6. The directors of a valid identity card and permit
7. HSBC accounts need stored HK 5000 yuan
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