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Author:Brian Source: Date:2015-02-24 15:47 Popularity:
the new Labelling

In Australia, the current 3 complaince marks (A-tick, C-tick, RCM) are being consolidated into ONE complinace mark-the RCM mark.

-The RCM indicates a device's compliace with the applicale technical  ACMA standard-that is, for telecommunications,radiocommunications, EMC and EME.
-A national database has been designated for all supplier registration.
-A supplier will not be required to include the supplier identification on devies labbled with the RCM mark.
-ACMA labelling notice reflects the new requirement on the laelling requirement.
-There is not change on the testing and the record keeping applicable to th devices subject to the ACMA arrangement.

National Database

The database is joinly used by the ACMA, ERAC(the Electrical Regulatory Authorities council) and the Radio Spectrum Management(New zealand). A supplier who intends to supply services that is required to be labelled under the ACMA labelling requirement must registr into this database as a "responsible supplier".

The supplier arragement.

--for the first time supplier--wh does not have  the suppler code number(SCN)
 . must register on the National Database.
 . must label with RCM to indicate the compliance with the applicabel ACMA regulatory arrangemen including the testing and the record keeping requirment.

--for all previousACMA registered supplier.
.-- for the supplier who were issued with a supplier code number(SCN) prior to 1 March, 2013.
 . there is a 3 years transition period ending on 29 Feb, 2016.
 . before the end date, the suppliers can contiune to use the C-tick,A-tick.
 . suppliers have until the ending date to register on the national database, once registerd they can use the RCM mark.
 . the device lebelled with A-tick or C-tick before the end of the transition date need not be relabelled.

---From 1 March 2016
.All suppliers must us the RCM as the compliance label.
. Device labelled with A-tick,C-tick can be continue be supplied until the labelled stock has been exhausted.

. A small numbers of suppliers have been previously use the RCM with SCN as part of the comliance label. These suppliers can coniune to label in this manner but must transition to register on the National Database before the end of the transition date.

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