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Law label and TSSA label

Author:Brian Source: Date:2014-11-18 22:35 Popularity:
 Our company has years of experince for the US law label and CN TSSA label registration.

Law label Summary

In US, any manufacturer or importer, that will sell stuffed goods in US must have a Law Label  They must register their company/factory in 14 states and 1 city, CA, CT, DE, Detroit, MA, NY, NC, OH, OK, PA, RI, TX, UT, VA, WV,

In Canada, registration is required in MB, ON and QC. The process vary with each state.For a specific product, a state might need the registration, but another state does not.

US state/city
City of Detroit
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
West Virginia 

CN provience.

What is a Uniform Registration Number (URN)?
A URN is a number (Example: OH 5553 (CN) ) that is assigned for each law label. EACH FACTORY LOCATION MUST HAVE IT'S OWN LAW LABEL! If you company has several factories, you must have each factory registered with a different URN. Once this number is assigned by any of the 15 registration states, and then it is used for the applications to all the other states. The URN shall be printed on the law labels. It needs to renew as well. 

What is Registration?
It is simply the act of registering with a state, by the manufacturer or importer, to sell stuffed and bedding goods in that state. As a manufacturer, you MUST register each factory/plant separately. You will be assigned a new URN for each factory/plant. You may register a "joint" license shared with an Importer.
What Canadian Provinces require registration?
The requirement is similar, but the lable needs to include French language. 
If you are labeling bed pillows, comforters, furniture, sleeping bags or clothing apparel, you must also declare the outer shell material on the label.
What products require registration?
Just about any item that contains stuffing is required by at least some states to be registered. It is YOUR responsibility to determine what states you need to register your products in. Example: If you did not select CA for registration, but sell some goods in CA, you might be fined, IANTAM does NOT know what products you sell .

Why do I have to register? 
Many states in the U.S. require the Law Label on all stuffed and bedding goods. 15 of those states require the manufacturer or importer registration. That registration will allow the manufacturer or importer to sell their goods in that state. Without it, the manufacturer or importer will be denied access to sell ANY good in that state.

What special requirement for Ohio registration?
Ohio needs to test the filling materials to ensure the manufacturer is correctly labeling the goods. An incorrect label could cause health problems.

What testing does California do? 
California requires flammability compliance for upholstered furniture sold in the state. 
Compliance of the filling materials and fabrics with TB 117-2013 for furniture is MANDATORY.
As of January 1, 2014 California has adopted a new flammability standard for upholstered furniture, referred to as TB117-2013. Manufacturers must meet either the TB117 (current standard)or they may meet the TB117-2013. As of January 1, 2015, all upholstered furniture sold in California must meet the TB117-2013 flammability standard.
How much does the state fee cost? 
The state fees vary from $5 to over $720. The IANTAM service fee vary with how many states/what state you register your product for.
What are the steps to get registered? 
step 1, contact us. 
step 2, complete the form. 
step 3, sign off the form, send us the sample, settle the payment. 
step 4, our company proceed with the Registration. 
step 5, get the registration process/#done, completed!!
Why does IANTAM need a Company Agreement from me? 
IANTAM will sign and submit the applications on your behalf. The agreement gives IANTAM the legal ability to sign and submit the application, but nothing else. 

What if I don’t register?
If you are selling your product and it is found to be non compliance, the product will be pulled from the store or retailer immediately. You will also risk having a fine against your company by the state

How long does it take? 
A RUSH ORDER can get a URN for you in 1-2 business days.

It will take an additional 2-3 weeks to complete all the states except California. They will take at least 6-8 weeks.

IANTAM will notify you 60 days ahead of when ALL of your registrations are due. We make sure you will always have plenty of time to renew your application.
IANTAM promises that when mail is required to sending out the application form/sample, we do it by courier instead of Post office, which will make the process running quicker.
Label Information
If you need help designing your label, we offer a Label Design Service for you.
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